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Who are we? Han en Anouska

We are Han and Anouska. Anouska grew up in the hospitality industry on Ameland and studied hotel and tourism management. Han is an entrepreneur and manager pur sang and, amongst others, studied Civil Engineering.

Together with our employees, we take care of your stay at one of the accommodations on Ameland. We try to make your stay as pleasant as possible in the most personal way we can.


From his ambition to become a project developer, Jan de Boer realized his first project in the form of the apartment complex Ostrea in the early 1990s. As the sole creator and founder he appointed Anouska Grevinga as (facility) manager and hotelier of Ostrea and the apartment building. In 2007 Han van Heerde took over the business from Jan de Boer. As Han's partner, Anouska continued her daily activities and acquired over 20 years of experience in (facility) management and renting out accommodations.


Recently we started (facility) management and renting out accommodations all over Ameland in order to respond to recent developments. Please feel free to contact us for further information.